Best Free Android Video Editor APK

If you would like to make, edit, or create or do anything for a video, this above app is the suitable type of an application that matches with you very much. Like the blend, cutting and other tools could be applied to those videos. Even the users are capable of inserting music at a high quality. Now we are able to understand what this type of app is. So this is actually a popular app along with high performance. If you haven’t used it before, definitely use it and see it. Then you will observe further details of the above app.

We could use this with any device like your mobile phone and your tab. That is compatible with many devices and it is with many unique facts. Also, most of the facilities are free. You could use any tool contained in the above app for totally free. There are unlimited exports from that app. All those are in the 4K resolution.

According to my idea this is a suitable app to us, everyone. Then the decision is up to you. If you wish to use this type of app you can download it. Then we will see what are the specific features of this app. Then you can decide only if this is useful or not.

Features of KineMaster Video Editor Apk

  • You could insert images, texts, videos, stickers and other handwritings for one stage.
  • You could adjust the color of the videos.
  • You are able to share your creation to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.
  • If you need to reverse the made videos you are able to do it from the app.
  • You could combine many modes at a one place.
  • You could apply music for the backgrounds and other voice recordings for your creations.
  • You could able to trim and crop your video.
  • You could apply transitions, graphs, and fonts for the enhancing of the video.
  • You could control the video speed. You could turn it fast-forwarding or slow motion.
  • There is a tool for volume controls here.
  • You could use key animation frame for the video.
  • As I mentioned in the above you have the ability to export the videos in many resolutions example for 4K resolution.
  • Use many filters for the video.
  • KineMaster premium offer has such improved features.

Now you know many details about the above app. Actually those are such beneficial details for you. Apart from that some new features have added to this editing app for videos. What are those?

KineMaster APK

New features

  • There are more new color adjustments added to the above app. Some of them are as highlights, temperature.
  • Intensity slider is for the filtration of colors.
  • It supports Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can slow the videos up to ⅛.
  • The share button placed at the top of the right side.

Those are special features that were added recently for the above app. Also you can remove the ads and watermark. You can get access to the thousands of premium tools of the app. The subscription will renew automatically.

Then I think some of you are worried about the legal permission to download this app. It doesn’t have any restriction therefore you could download it easily.


  1. What is the size of the app?
    It is about 86.80 MB in size. 
  1. Who is the developer of the app?
    KineMaster corporation offered this app 
  1. How many downloads have you performed?
    Now it has finished and about 100,000,000+ downloads have finished now. 
  1. Is this app for free?
    You have to purchase about 1$-29$ per item. 
  1. Is this app totally safe for my device?
    Yes, this is safe for your device. There is no harmful content in there. 
  1. Could I get it from the Google Play Store?
    Yes, you can get it from there. This is the easiest and safest method. 

These all are about the popular video editing app. Now you have a chance to enjoy this app after downloading it to your device.

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