ES File Explore APK for Android TV

The above ES file explorer is a well known Managing app for any device. Not only for the files but also it can be acted with the programs even.

Out of the above paragraph I mentioned you about the main task by the ES File Explorer. Except for the main task by the above app there are some more of them. Through the following, you will know what are the other additional features of the app. The users of the ES File Explorer apk are calling this as a useful tool for all the android users. Yes it is correct. Actually there are many uses that we can obtain by using our fingertips even.

Those are the basic details of the ES File Explorer APK. Then I think this is the time to move with its features. Shall we?

Features of the ES File Explorer TV

  • The best tool for the killing of running applications in the device.
  • It can be accessed to the cloud storage directly.
  • You can use this app on your mobile phone and with your pc even.
  • Can easily manage all the files and the program.
  • After you access anything you can share that item even.
  • The uploading process of the photos and watching movies become easier than ever.
  • The management of the 3G connection is even easier.
  • You can perform any activity related to your files. I mean the traditional effects like cut, rename, create, copy, or delete anything.
  • Then by editing, you can send the files via email for any person.
  • By using the ES File Explorer you could decompress the zip files.
  • You are able to access many file items in different formats.
  • And you are allowed to access the contents or any other things Contain in the files. The WiFi network is required for the above process.
  • Many possibilities have included in the app 
  • The ES File Explorer can be known as one of complete file explorer by comparing with the other many types of the file explorers. 
  • Now the app has increased its organizing features
  • The ES File Explorer has one of the smooth surfaces 
  • You can get to all stored files by using only your smartphone 
  • It can manage all remote folders 
  • You could browse the file types quickly by the category 
  • You can check the availability of the storage 
  • You can assign passwords for the files that you have to protect 
  • ES File Explorer allows the browsing of the SD card even. 
  • Can sort by the name or the date 
ES File Explorer TV

ES Explorer Android TV

These are all details related to the ES File Explorer. So then this is one of the safe, simple tools for managing tools. As in the above there are more features included here.

This app is totally free for use. Therefore you don’t need to pay any amount for working with the app. There are no advertisements that disturb your more experience. Some are worried about the download of the apps because they are afraid of the harm caused by the app. ES File Explorer does no harm to the device that you are installing it on.

Then we have come to the end of here. I have given you all the things that you wanted prior to downloading this app. I think you will enjoy using this type of manager certainly.

You can download and install this File Explorer app for free using Filelinked. For those who want to know how to install follow below mention turorials.

Install ES File Explorer on Android TV
Install ES File Explorer on Fire TV Stick and Fire TV

Select correct tutorial for your Android TV. If you can Filelinked installed on your system, you can easily download and install it on your TV.

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